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Window Cleaning

All of our work is done by hand. We use an environmentally friendly, non-toxic window cleaning fluid, towels, and old-fashioned elbow grease. We do not simply spray the windows down with a pressurized washing system. All exterior glass, window frames, and sills are completely cleaned. Your screens are scrubbed and dried and all of your storm windows are removed and washed thoroughly.

Before we begin cleaning the interior glass, we move everything necessary to safely clean your windows. I guarantee the same quality and care, inside and out. When we are done with your windows, we put everything we moved back where it belongs, leaving your home as we found it, but with sparkling windows.

Whether it is time for seasonal maintenance, an upcoming holiday or social-event, listing your home, or your mother-in-law is coming for a visit, you can safely put one or all of your windows in our hands.

Gutter Cleaning

We also offer a gutter cleaning service which entails cleaning the debris from all gutter runs, checking and clearing all downspouts as needed, and cleaning up ensuring that all decks and walkways are blown clean.

Light Fixtures & Mirrors

In addition to window washing we clean foyer fixtures, exterior carriage lights, and interior mirrors.

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Hand-washed Windows
Environmentally friendly cleaner
Towels & ladders
Old-fashioned elbow grease